Cheam Rifle Range

Cheam Rifle Range

1st Cheam Scouts

What a fabulous picture care of the Facebook Page, Cheam in Pictures

Cheam Working Mens Institute, Malden Road, Cheam.

Lord Methuen opens the new Rifle Range at Malden Road Cheam,  old postcard posted 24th July 1907.

1st Cheam Scouts

I am sure this is the 1st Cheam Scout Hut, Malden Rd, Cheam.

Cheam Rifle Range Post Card

The St Dunstan’s Institute, once the home of the Cheam Working Mens Club and built next to the Fire Brigade’s stables in Malden Road.

Could the Rifle Range have been where the British Legion is in Mickleham Gardens, behind 1st Cheam Scout Hut?

British Legion Cheam

I then googled Lord Methuen.  Assuming it was the 3rd Baron Methuen who opened the rifle range, he sounds as if he has a very interesting Military Career.

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