Redgate Lodge, Teetotal Memorial

This fantastic photo  of the the Teetotal Memorial at Redgate Lodge, on London Road, C1920 comes care of the Facebook site Cheam in Pictures.  The give away is the bird on top of the memorial.

I can find nothing about history of history of this memorial.  Can anyone enlighten me?

I do know the London Road lodge was demolished in 1955, and assume this was Redgate Lodge.


4 thoughts on “Redgate Lodge, Teetotal Memorial”

  1. I think you have mixed up your memorials. I think the one in your photo with the bird us the one on the London Road side dedicated to a teetotal campaigner. Have a look at them, they are quite different. The one in the main photo only has a single font, the other has ones on each face.

    1. Many thanks and well done for spotting this. I have now amended the entry into two blogs. It would be really good to get some more information not he Teetotal memorial

    1. Well spotted. I should have twigged when I saw the bird on top. I have now put in two blog posts,so people can clearly see the difference between the Farmer memorial and the Teetotal memorial

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