The Farmer Memorial, Bellgate Lodge

The Farmer memorial in its original position.

Cheam in Pictures tells us:  “The memorial took the form of a drinking fountain, complementary to the horse trough which stood against the fence by the Cheam lodge. The memorial was dedicated to the memory of William Meeke Farmer, eldest son of Samuel Farmer (who had the house built) and the father of William Francis Gamal Farmer, the second owner of the estate. It also records the names and resting places of several other members of the family who died overseas. Since William Meeke Farmer died in 1836 it is fairly safe to assume that the memorial has been in its present position, or thereabouts, for one hundred and seventy odd years.”

Farmer Memorial

The memorial was moved to assist road widening but was severely damaged by a car in 2013.  For three years it lay in pieces in Cheam Depot, but has now been restored to its full glory.


There was originally a Gate House, at this entrance, which Historic England tells us “The other lodge, Bellgate Lodge, was situated south of the present Cheam Gate and replaced a mid 18th century lodge associated with the house Little Pightle.”  The lodge was demolished in 1938.


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