A Trim Trail in Cheam Rec?

What do people think of the idea of installing a Trim Trail in Cheam Rec?

Trim Trail 4

There is already one in Overton Grange.  It can be used by both aspiring athletes and young people to keep fit and let off steam.

Trim Trail 3

It could run up the centre of the Rec, where there is currently a single line of trees

Cllr Mary Burstow will be proposing the idea at the next South Sutton, Cheam and Belmont Area Committee in September.  She would like to hear your views.

Trim Trail Overton Grange

Cllr Burstow said “Whilst we have plenty of play equipment in Cheam Rec for young children, we have very little for older children and teenagers.  This really needs to be addressed.”

Trim Trail 2

Problem Dog Owner in Nonsuch Park

The following post appeared on Epsom and Ewell Dogwatch on Facebook:

Just want to warn dog walkers over in Nonsuch Park to look out for a Silver Grey Staffordshire Bull Terrier type of dog.  His owner is a white British man, bald/ shaved head, stocky, mid 40’s plus, who lives in the Sparrow Farm area.

The unprovoked attack on our 5 month old puppy occurred on Thursday 14th of July around 8:45 AM near the Sparrow Park Farm entrance of Nonsuch Park. Our puppy nearly lost his eye. He had to be kept in the vets over night and given anaesthetic to examine and treat his injuries. He is traumatised.

The Staffie Type of dog clearly needs to be kept on a lead as he is highly likely to attack other dogs.  Given the owners less than concerned reaction I imagine his dog has done this before.

99% of all dogs in our parks are very well behaved.  It is very sad when one dog owners lets all the other dogs down.    We should not tar all Staffie’s with the same brush.

Sutton Council are working with Sutton Police on the Local Environmental Awareness on Dogs (LEAD) initiative, which is all about promoting responsible dog ownership.

You can find more details about it here


Changes to the Management of Sutton’s Parks

Sutton Council is planning on changing how its parks are maintained.

Rather than manage the parks themselves, they have put out to the contract out to tender .

Tractor in Cheam Rec
Tractor in Cheam Rec

They have awarded Preferred Bidder status to The Landscape Group Limited for the provision of Lot 2 services (parks, grounds maintenance, cemeteries, verges and tree maintenance) for a period of eight years with the option to extend for a two further periods of eight years (twenty four in total) to commence from February 2017

A copy of the report can be found here.  The relevant part, can be found on page 42.  Item 2.2 onwards.

Cheam Park Depot Entrance

At a meeting of Friends of Cheam Park, we learnt that The Landscape Group plan to base themselves at the Depot in Cheam Park and one other site.  Over the summer Sutton Council officers will negotiate with The Landscape Group exactly how the contract will operate.

At the Friends meeting, concern was raised as to parking in Cheam Car Park by staff from the Depot.  It was proposed that if additional parking was needed, officers ask The Landscape Group to use the land at the back of the Depot.  Council officers made it clear, that whilst it was an excellent idea, it was still all subject to negotiation.

Back of Cheam Depot

Local residents expressed concern as to the volume of traffic entering the Depot via Tudor Close and the nature of this traffic.  These comments were taken on board by Sutton Council officers.

At the Friends meeting, it was agreed that if there was any update on these negotiations, they would update residents and councillors at the South Sutton, Cheam and Belmont Area Committee on 8th September.

Sutton Council will keep local residents updated through the Cheam Ward Councillors, Tudor Close Residents Association, Friends of Cheam Park, Whats on in Cheam and Nonsuch News.

Maintenance Work Cheam Rec