Dog Injured

Problem Dog Owner in Nonsuch Park

The following post appeared on Epsom and Ewell Dogwatch on Facebook:

Just want to warn dog walkers over in Nonsuch Park to look out for a Silver Grey Staffordshire Bull Terrier type of dog.  His owner is a white British man, bald/ shaved head, stocky, mid 40’s plus, who lives in the Sparrow Farm area.

The unprovoked attack on our 5 month old puppy occurred on Thursday 14th of July around 8:45 AM near the Sparrow Park Farm entrance of Nonsuch Park. Our puppy nearly lost his eye. He had to be kept in the vets over night and given anaesthetic to examine and treat his injuries. He is traumatised.

The Staffie Type of dog clearly needs to be kept on a lead as he is highly likely to attack other dogs.  Given the owners less than concerned reaction I imagine his dog has done this before.

99% of all dogs in our parks are very well behaved.  It is very sad when one dog owners lets all the other dogs down.    We should not tar all Staffie’s with the same brush.

Sutton Council are working with Sutton Police on the Local Environmental Awareness on Dogs (LEAD) initiative, which is all about promoting responsible dog ownership.

You can find more details about it here


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