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Dying trees in Cheam Park

The conifer trees, at the Tilehurst road entrance to Cheam Rec are clearly dying. Given that they are all looking dreadful, something is clearly up.

Sutton Senior Arboricultural and Woodlands Officer was contacted, who said “I will recheck the site later on this week and record the detail and recommend works. It is unusual, but I suspect Honey Fungus, enhanced by dry weather  and there will be more signs soon”

Vote for Cheam Park!

Cheam Park playground

Cheam Park has already won Gold, in London in bloom, but now we want to go one better.

Cheam Park has been nominated for the Fields in Trust charity, UKs best park.

It has a playground for children, Fitness Trail for teenagers, paths into meadowland for disabled people, a cafe for Mums, croquet and bowls club for older people and a meadow and newly planted trees for wildlife and finally stunning views of London.

You can vote for Cheam Park here


A New Flower Bed for Cheam Park

Cheam and Cuddington Horticultural Society Cheam Park

Many thanks to the members of Cheam and Cuddington Horticultural Society, who have adopted a flowerbed in Cheam Park.

Next year the society will be 125 years old.  To mark this event members are planning on creating a stunning display in Cheam Park, for all to enjoy.

We know they are planning on planting lots of bulbs, but the rest will be a wonderful surprise to watch.

The society has held a long affiliation with Cheam Park and for many years used to hold its Horticultural Shows in a large marquee in the park.

Cheam and Cuddington Horticultural Society Cheam Park 1

Hidden Goldenrod in Warren Farm

Goldenrod Warren Farm

Now that Warren Farm Meadow has been mowed, there is no longer any Goldenrod to pull from the main field.  It can however still be found hidden in the woods.

If you fancy a spot of stress release, pulling goldenrod out by the roots,  in the woodland is a very satisfying experience.  The ground is soft and full of leaf mould, which means the roots have little to hang onto.  Just pull up the plant, get as much root out as you can and leave it on the footpath.  A volunteer will then pick it up and put it on one of the compost heaps.

Goldenrod Warren Farm

Raising Money for a Defibrillator


Alex and the Defibrilator

Local fitness instructor Alex Howell from Strength Rocks is raising money for a defibrillator to go into Cheam Park, to be fitted at Cheam Park Cafe Pavilion.

Alex says “I was not surprised when I found out that heart attacks cause more than a quarter of deaths in the UK each year. I was shocked however with the difference in survival rates with and without a defibrillator.

If you are treated by a first aider and given CPR you or a loved one have a survival rate of 2-5%.

If you are lucky enough to be treated quickly with a defibrillator (within 3-4 minutes) you survival rates jump significantly to 74%!

With developments in technology absolutely anyone can use a defibrillator to save someones life!”

You can find out more about his appeal here

You can donate to his appeal on the Just Giving page here

Alex Howell

Judges Golden comments on Cheam Park

Sandpit Cheam Park PlaygroundThese are the judges comments for Cheam Park and Recreation Ground in London in Bloom, for which we were awarded a Gold for the first time.

“Cheam Park and Recreation Ground offers a tremendous resource to the residents of Sutton as well as the neighbouring borough of Epsom and Ewell, as the park lies on the borough boundary.  Maintained by IdVerde (previously The Landscape Group), the park is well maintained as a sports and recreation space with a play area, bowling and croquet green and cafe at its heart.  

“Changes have been made in recent years to improve these facilities and now provides a good multifaceted service to the public.  There are (registered and charged) personal trainer groups working in the park – all close to the hub.  

“Notice boards identify the services and available activities, run by the Friends group associated with the park.  A well run and followed football little league is active in the park.  

“TFL have provided funding for a cycle path; part of a wider network which has been welcomed through the lower corner of the park – relieved the previous quagmire that residents and users had to contend with previously.

“Old fashioned horticulture is slightly overlooked here in the face of modern biodiversity provision.  Nevertheless there are plans to upgrade some of the formal planting areas and the adjoining allotments have a waiting list.

“The trim trail that is currently being installed will provide recreation opportunities for residents for 14 plus, which I’m confident will prove to be a very popular addition to the parks facilities.  

“The Cheam House side of the park retains the stately trees (which are maintained in a good condition) and make a fine feature within the setting.  The house is long since gone, but the stable block is currently enjoying extensive repairs and it is hoped will provide children’s nursery space in the near future.  

“Overall the residents of the western part of the borough must be very proud of their park.”

Cow Parsley Cheam Park

Cheam Scream

Come and support the Cheam Scream, in Cheam Village on Friday 27th October, between 3pm and 5pm.

The Cheam Scream is a fun halloween trail around Cheam Village visiting the shops and business of Cheam looking for treats and sweets. Please come dressed in your best, spookiest outfits! There will be story times, cake decorating, making things, photos, colouring, tattoos, and more! Something for the kids to enjoy!

The money raised from the Cheam Scream, will be spent on something in Cheam Park, which is for the benefit of all Cheams children…we shall have to wait and see what it is!

You can only take place, if you have a wrist band.  You can buy bags and wristbands from Tasha’s Tearoom or Cheam Park Cafe for £2.


Volunteers still hard at work in Warren Farm

Compost Warren Farm

This is Roger Hawkins, who is doing such fantastic volunteering work in Warren Farm. He is there from mid April, through to the end of October, pulling out Goldenrod. Now that the meadow has been cut, Roger is out raking the grass and adding it to the enormous piles of grass on the edge of the meadow.

As this is chalk grassland, it needs to be nutrient thin ground We therefore do not want the grass composting down, but remove it to the side of the meadow.

Please come and say hello to Roger and Mike Constable and encourage your dogs not to bark at them, they are doing an incredible job.

The Woodland Trust’s vision is a UK rich in native woods and trees, for people and wildlife.  You can become a member of the Woodland Trust here.

New benches for Cheam Park

New bench Cheam Park

Two beautiful new benches have been installed in Cheam Park playground.

They were very kindly donated by the Mums of “Cheam Life”, from the money they raised at this years Easter Cheam Hop.

The benches are made from Wood, from Nonsuch Park Woodland, made James from Future Woodland.

A very big thank you to Cheam LifeTasha’s Tearoom and Stiches haberdashery who helped organise the Cheam hop and raise the money for these beautiful benches.