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This large area of open chalk grassland and planted areas of wood is an important landscape feature in a largely urban environment. It has good views across the site and towards Ewell and also adjoins Nonsuch Park to the north. The young woodland and meadowland on the site provide good habitats for flora and fauna that are not generally found in suburban areas. It is well used by local people and has an excellent network of paths

Hidden Goldenrod in Warren Farm

Goldenrod Warren Farm

Now that Warren Farm Meadow has been mowed, there is no longer any Goldenrod to pull from the main field.  It can however still be found hidden in the woods.

If you fancy a spot of stress release, pulling goldenrod out by the roots,  in the woodland is a very satisfying experience.  The ground is soft and full of leaf mould, which means the roots have little to hang onto.  Just pull up the plant, get as much root out as you can and leave it on the footpath.  A volunteer will then pick it up and put it on one of the compost heaps.

Goldenrod Warren Farm

Volunteers still hard at work in Warren Farm

Compost Warren Farm

This is Roger Hawkins, who is doing such fantastic volunteering work in Warren Farm. He is there from mid April, through to the end of October, pulling out Goldenrod. Now that the meadow has been cut, Roger is out raking the grass and adding it to the enormous piles of grass on the edge of the meadow.

As this is chalk grassland, it needs to be nutrient thin ground We therefore do not want the grass composting down, but remove it to the side of the meadow.

Please come and say hello to Roger and Mike Constable and encourage your dogs not to bark at them, they are doing an incredible job.

The Woodland Trust’s vision is a UK rich in native woods and trees, for people and wildlife.  You can become a member of the Woodland Trust here.

Volunteers are winning the battle with canadian goldenrod

Warren Farm Meadow in September
Warren Farm Meadow in September

Warren Farm Meadow has now been mowed, ready for the Autumn.

A monster Thank You to all the Volunteers, who helped pull out canadian goldenrod, as you walked around, walking the dog.

A special Thank You to Roger, Mike Constable and Mike’s dog Dexter, who did so much of the hard work. They were there most days, come rain or sunshine, from mid April.

The difference has been tremendous. Last year “Park run Field” was full of goldenrod, but it is no longer there. Roughly two thirds of Warren Farm has now been cleared of goldenrod

The goldenrod will come back in Parkrun Field, but it will be thinner, less vigorous and much easier to pull.

Warren Farm Meadow in September
Warren Farm Meadow in September

The Woodland Trust’s vision is a UK rich in native woods and trees, for people and wildlife.  You can become a member of the Woodland Trust here.

Thank you Corporate Volunteers

Corporate volunteering is playing a vital role in clearing our invasive weed – Canadian goldenrod. The groups are usually in for the whole day so great progress can be made. We have 22 hectares of the problem weed, about a 1/3 of the meadow is pretty clear now, but we have a large area still which we need to get under control. So these larger groups who can stay for long sessions really are invaluable.

Thank You Pearson

Thank you Pearson and their intrepid team, who came from Central London for the morning to help pull Golden Rod out of the Meadow in Warren Farm.

The Weather decided it was going to throw everything at us.  One minute we had low cloud, then the sun shone brightly and with a Whoosh, in came a rain storm and it bucketed it down.

In spite of all this, the Pearson Team carried on regardless.  I was most impressed by how even a sudden rain storm didn’t stop their enthusiasm for the job.

Pearson in Warren Farm

And now for the clarity bit.  Pearson are the World’s Largest Education Company and not to be confused with Pearsons, our local bike shop and who are also the Worlds Oldest Bike Shop!!

The Woodland Trust’s vision is a UK rich in native woods and trees, for people and wildlife.  You can become a member of the Woodland Trust here.

Nonsuch Park Runners Volunteer in Warren Farm

A huge thank you to Nonsuch Park Run and Sutton Runners for giving up their Saturday Morning to help pull out Canadian Goldenrod from Warren Farm and create beautiful Meadowland.   Almost 100  runners came to help.

Nonsuch Park Run Volunteer Warren Farm

The runners said how much they enjoy running in Nonsuch and were really keen to help give back to the park in this way.

parkrun day 020

A massive pile of Goldenrod was created, which has now gone off to the compost heap.

parkrun day 030


Springwatch Do Something Great in Warren Farm

GOLDENROD ALERT at WARREN FARM. It is our next weekend volunteer day NEXT Sat 11th June, 10 -12 – if you would like to join us, you are very welcome. If you are not able to join us but would like to help then do just start pulling up areas and leave the piles on the path. Roger and I will collect them and carry them to a composting site.

Meadow Restoration Warren Farm

Springwatch and the BBC are encouraging EVERYONE to volunteer in some way during June using the hash tag #DoSomethingGreat so come along and Do Something Great in your local meadow. Also keep an eye out for little flutters of blue in Warren Farm our lovely little rare butterfly the Small Blue is on the wing….enjoy and thank you in advance for all your help 🙂

Meadow Restoration on a Sunday morning

Warren Farm Meadow Restoration

First weekend task day of the year.. eleven of us made great progress removing Canadian goldenrod in the top area of the field. Chafer beetles, frog hoppers and flat backed millipedes kept the eagle eyed kids very entertained, and its always handy having Roger our entomologist on hand for instant species identification.

Flat Back Millipede

Welcome to our newcomers and it was lovely to see last years crew back again.

Sally Williams Warren Farm 1

The next weekend date is SAT 11TH JUNE 10 -12, and we will continue to work every WEDNESDAY 9.30 – 11. Do come along and join us, you will be made very welcome.

Sally Williams Frog Hopper


Police Appeal

 Police Line
Officers from Sutton’s Safer Parks police team want to speak to two females who may have witnessed suspects attempting to remove a steel post on the bridleway between Boundary Road and Telegraph Track, Wallington, on Monday, 9 May at around 08:00hrs.
The two females may have seen the suspects who may have come from two vehicles  a big white double cab vehicle and a small black hatchback. 
If you are one of these two females or you have any information to help, please contact the Safer Parks Teams on 020 8721 2268 or call Sutton Police station on 101 quoting ref: 4005140/16.  
Whilst this is not near Nonsuch Park, visitors to this Web Site may have witnessed something.