Croquet in Cheam Rec

Cheam Croquet Club 4

Come and join Cheam Croquet & Bowls Club, based in Cheam Req.   The  Croquet  & Bowls Club is very active, with around 80 members.   Its members are incredibly friendly and welcoming.

All members are free to play both croquet and bowls and some do play both, especially the bowlers in the winter when they can play croquet but not bowls.

The dress code is relaxed:  No need to worry about whites, but members would be rather unhappy if you wore stilettos on the green.  A pair of trainers is just fine.

Chair: Ian Cobbold                      Secretary: Jean Cobbold

Tel: 0208 642 0533

Cheam Croquet Club Teas

Croquet is one of the oldest known sports. There are two varieties of the game commonly played today, Association Croquet and Golf Croquet. Both games can be played as singles by 2 players or doubles involving 4 players.

Association Croquet is the traditional game, which at its best requires high levels of physical skill and complex tactics. Full games can take up to several hours.

In contrast, Golf Croquet is an easy to understand game that takes 20 – 40 mins to complete.

Cheam Croquet Club