Rock and Roll Wall of Fame


It is funny how you walk past something lots of times, but never look at it properly.  This wall in Cheam Park is covered in Graffiti and has been there for well over 30 years.  On the face of it the graffiti should all be removed, but look again and you will see it commemorates all the great dead Rock Stars.  The names on the wall include Freddie Mercury, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Kurt Corbain.

One Cheam resident told me  “It started with Jimi Hendrix I believe. Some of the local guys used to smoke weed and other “things” up there well hidden away.”  Ahh…So that is why the Parks Dept have encouraged the brambles and nettles to grow in that corner!!

Personally I think that as nobody overlooks the wall and the graffiti is in the spirit of Rock and Roll, we should just leave it.  Every year the Westerly wind and rain wears away the paint, which helps to mellow it out over time.  So long as nobody ruins it with some scrappy graffiti, I say just let it be.

It is part of what makes Cheam special.  As the wall says “Their names shall live forever”