Dog Walking

Gandalf Nonsuch Park

Nonsuch Park, Cheam Park and Warren Farm are wonderful for dogs and their owners.  Lots of paths, woodland, grassland and  the odd smelly pond to leap in.  No livestock is kept in the park, so you do not need to worry about your dog chasing any animals.

Sharon Rainbow Dog puddle Nonsuch Park

We do however ask that all dog owners follow a code of good conduct:

Rachel Dads Dog Nonsuch park

  • Please make sure your keep your dog under control and know where  they are.
  • Please pick up your dogs poo and dispose of it in a rubbish bin.
  • Please respect the dog free areas
  • Please respect the other users and wildlife
  • If you are a commercial dog walker, please limit the number of dogs under your control to fourMargaret Hall Dogs Nonsuch park

There is an excellent Facebook Forum, Nonsuch Park Dog Walkers, which is well worth a visit: Helpful, informative and friendly.

Archie in Nonsuch Park

And finally…..The management of Nonsuch Park, Cheam Park and Warren Farm will not be held responsible for what state your dog is in, at the end of a blissfully muddy walk in the winter!!

Cheryl Doyle Muddy Dog Nonsuch Park