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Work is progressing on Cheam Rec Cafe


Cheam Rec Cafe 1

At long last, after far too long, work on Cheam Rec Pavilion Cafe is nearing completion.  The majority of the building work was finished in September 2015, but resolving snagging problems took much longer.

Cheam Rec Cafe Pavilion

I can’t help thinking that if it was my house, I would not have waited this long to see the problems overcome.  I am aware that all three ward councillors chased Sutton Council, as did the proposed tenant.

Cheam Rec Cafe Pavilion

The very good news is that three years after the Pavilion cafe closed because of a bad fire, it will soon be open hopefully by the end of June.  Better still you will be able to sit inside and stay warm, rather than stand out side and shiver…And judging by the ice cream cabinet…They are selling Kellys Ice Cream….Looking good!!