Warren Farm

Old Warren Farm

This photo shows the old buildings which make up Warren Farm.  I am guessing it was taken from the top of the railway embankment.

The Warren Farm area was farmed from the 1680’s until 1988 (mainly hay and arable).  Now it is just trees, brambles and nettles.

Warren Farm site of old Farm
Site of the old farm

This map shows the old Nonsuch Park’s field names from a 1731 survey, I have highlighted the areas that we know today as Nonsuch park, Cherry Orchard Farm and Warren Farm in pale green.

1731 Map of Nonsuch Park

We still use many of these old field names today. The remaining areas now form much of the Nonsuch Estate today. So today’s Warren Farm includes Sleepy Field (a name we all use),Coles Land and Goldsmith’s Grounds.

I father like the theory that sleepy field was so called, because it is a gentle west facing slope.  Workers would fall asleep in its hay meadows after a hard days work – all very Cider with Rosie.